Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Bluebird is ready to fly

I got the package of fenders and tubes today! This bike reminds me of that old Johnnie Cash song where he builds a car "one piece at time." Of course, that didn't cost him a dime. But it's interesting to see a bike come entirely in the mail.

I fixed the bike tire (man, that new tire is tough to get on, with its tight bead.)

I installed the fenders and put on Zora's rack and bags. One great thing about the fenders is that the fender stays provide a sort of structure that will keep the bottom corners of the saddle bags out of the rear-wheel spokes (a contant problem of saddle bags). The Bluebird is starting to look like a real bike. And though I've still got to redo the cables and hook up the rear roller brake, she is, in fact, ready to ride!

Meanwhile, I'll be happy to clean up and get my, uh, "workshop" back.

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