Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Bluebird!

She's going to be a handsome steed: swift in motion, yet steady afoot; demure in public, yet wild in private; mischievous by nature, yet polite in mixed company; her hubs stay loose and her wheels tight; femme enough to turn all the boys' heads, butch enough to be the center of attention in any dyke bar; as stern as a librarian with thick-rimmed glasses and hair in a bun, yet beautiful with contacts and flowing hair; spontaneous, caring, a good listener; intelligent, yet not threatening; she likes a quick race down the block, or slow rides in the park; she wants to love and be loved; in her bed you'll find tools, a pump, and lube; being put together is sexy, being ridden is sexier; she wants play and to have a serious relationship... I could just go on and on. But I think I've said enough.

The chainline seems nice and straight. Not that you can really tell just by looking. But it least it's not way out of wack. It's also still a link too long. But I'll deal with that later.

Now where have I seen those colors before... Of course, riding old subways! The bike's color scheme closely resembles the old World's Fair Bluebird subway cars.

Hence, I christen her the Bluebird!

Don't listen to those foamers who point out (in a high, nasel voice) that technically, this subway car isn't a Bluebird. "That car pictured above was a Redbird painted blue to match the color scheme for the 1964 World's Fair in Queens. 'R-33 World's Fair' car, please!" But, well, calm down. What else are you going to call a Redbird painted blue? And World's Fair isn't such a great name for a bike. The Bluebirds are dead. Long live the Bluebird!

Is she smiling because she can't get over how many sexy men love subways or because she has visions of a Bluebird reflected in her glasses?

And I like the little sticker on the Bluebird's chainstay. For all your triathalon needs:

One moment of stupidity. I put on the kickstand and noticed that with the kickstand down, it's way too long and the bike falls to the opposite side. That's because the wheels are smaller than normal. Doh! I'll have to have cut the kickstand down to size.

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