Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The future is now!

Hey look! It kind of sort of looks like a real bike! Imagine this with bottom bracket and chain and cranks!

A chain ring and cranks adds to the effect:

Annoyingly, the bottom bracket doesn't use an alan wrench like my bianchi. So now I've got to buy a 14mm socket wrench so I can take the bottom bracket out.

I should mention the website loose screws. It's easy to buy brakes. Or wheels. But where to you go to buy, say, barrel nuts or dropout adjuster screws? Or a washer for your fender? This place sells all the little bike nuts and bolts that your bike store doesn't really want to give out and hardware stores don't carry. It's indispensable. And I just discovered them 2 weeks ago.

These pictures are all more for show though, as the wheels aren't done. Except for the chainring and cranks, it doesn't really make any sense to keep these parts (like the wheels) on the frame for now.

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