Thursday, March 24, 2005


I got a headset wrench in the mail today.

My old one is “multisized” and not very good at any of them. Tools pay for themselves, some tool seller once said. I got that and a new front light and some dorky (or cool) handlebar-end lights. They don’t fit on my bike though, which was the plan. But they do fit on the Bluebird. I guess that’s where they’ll go. All this stuff adds up, money wise. But I don’t count late accessories received after the bike is ridable as part of the bike. Shifty mental accounting. This is an operating expense.

But there is something weird about the headset. I repacked it with grease. Fine enough. But the locking nut can’t go down far enough. There is already one space-taking washer in there (strange, I said, when I first saw it). but I guess it needs two.

And I think I bent the front fork slightly getting it in the car last night. Not enough for me to do anything about it. But now you have to apply a little spreading force to get the front wheel on. Godverdomme.


P. Lynn Miller said...

I have really enjoyed this tale of The Bluebird. Well Done. I am in the process of building a mixte with 650 wheels for wife. I am inspired.

Fotaq said...

I'm very pleased to inspire, but where did you find a nice mixte frame? If it's steel and has fender eyelets, I'll be really jealous!

P. Lynn Miller said...

Actually, it is a lugged steel frame with fender eyelets. It is an old Victa which is a rather inexpensive Australian brand. You can see the bum end of it here pulling a trailer -

I also have a Peugeot SF 10, which is waiting to be restored. It came with fenders, lights, dynamo, set-up as light tourer I suppose. See it here -

P. Lynn Miller
Sydney, Australia

Fotaq said...

Thanks for the links! The correct URL for the first link is: