Friday, March 25, 2005

I want one

It does occur to me that the bike I'm building for Zora is, not surprisingly, really a bike I want for myself. Despite the three bikes I have in my home here (I also have the Screaming Salmon in Boston, a fixed gear and the only bike of mine that actually has a name, and a one-speed in Amsterdam, a wonderfully speedy Batavus Barcelona).

I could use the Bluebird. It's a great cross between my bianchi road bike and my one-speed hooptie. The Bluebird may be the best of both worlds: fast and light, yet with a rack and bags to carry groceries.

I’ve always been tempted to put more crap on my bianchi to make it more functional. Rear rack. Full fenders. Chainring guard. But as a road bike, it doesn’t come with any of these things or make it easy to add them. And I do love putting on my bike shoes and riding fast and free. That’s what the bianchi is for. That’s why I have spare normal shoes in my office at work. Of course, I also come home with shopping or supplies, and then I’ve got a heavy bike bag on my back. I want a fast and striped-down road bike.

And my one-speed has been very good to me. I actually found the bike in Inman Square just when I was looking for something like that. I had to replace the fork and pretty much added everything to the bike. But the frame and wheels and bottom bracket were in great shape. She’s a cruiser with BMX handlebars, fenders, front hand brakes, rear coaster brakes, and a rear rack with collapsible metal “baskets.” But almost 10 years and two cities later, a good bike it has been. Still, even though it rides well, it’s a heavy motherfucker. Great for around the neighborhood. But not exactly fast and fun to ride. She’s a tank.

It sure would be nice to have a Bluebird for, say going into the City or Brooklyn and carrying something.

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