Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A man can always dream

Here’s one dream bike:

And another:

And a third:

Or maybe something like this is better:

But seriously…


Actually, this bike is close to my vision. Except it’s too big and in Cambridge, Mass. It’s being sold at Broadway Bike School, a block from where I used to live. I learned a bit about fixing bikes there, back when I was kid, fresh back from Amsterdam.

But it’s too big for Zora. The rear hub isn’t as good. And it needs a rear rack. And a chain guard. And it's got a new-fangled threadless headset. I'm against threadless headsets. Maybe just because change is bad. But they are ugly, too. But the $1,000 price tag ain’t too bad, to be honest. They must get their parts wholesale.

Oh, I should mention that Zora requested a girl's frame. "Mixte" is the manly term for a girl's frame. I'm all for women's frames. But damn if I can find one sold on e-bay. It's like trying to buy a stick-shift used car. Prized by some. Sold by few.

They don't tend to make nice frames with a lower crossbar. Oh well. Zora's got a man's frame now; and she's getting a man's frame from me. At least the new one will actually fit her. As it is, it's fun to watch her try and mount and dismount her too-big bike when she's wearing leather pants.

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Dr. S said...

I'll take one in red, please. With a heated seat for winter riding, and a big horn. And tassles on the handles too -- I like those.