Monday, March 14, 2005

Oops. Wrong frame.

A wrong frame. This one I found on the street outside Tamara's.

Here it is all locked up after I claimed it:

A steel Cannondale frame with all rusted parts. Perfect frame! A girl's frame at that! Ali threw it in his car and a few days later I took from his (unlocked) car. After stripping it of its parts (very fun, by the way, to take something apart and not have to worry about putting it back together again), I saw that the rear dropouts were bent. Oh, no. After agonizing for awhile, I decided not to use the frame. It's probably safe, but why spend a grand on a bike based on messed-up dropouts? But had the dropouts not been bent, it would have been a perfect salvaged find.

I then bought this frame and fork on e-bay. But it was about a centimeter too big. A waste of $40. But I can probably re-sell it. Maybe for more. I didn't really want it. But I bid really low on it, so I wouldn't forget it. Then I won it for $15. Cost me $40 including shipping.

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