Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Shopping list

So here's what a bike needs:

front wheel rim
rear wheel rim
rim tape (goes on the rim so the spokes don't stick out and pop the tube)
tires (2)
front fender
rear fender
front hub
rear hub
bottom bracket (that's the part between the peddles)
chain ring
chain guard
breaks (including brake levers and cables)
seat post
handlebar stem
rear rack
saddle bags

I’m planning on re-using Zora’s peddles, handlebars, rear rack, and saddle bags. Not much. But it will save some money and still provide a nice continuity.

A vernier caliper is essential. Here it is measuring the (exactly) one-inch links of a new chain.

Here's a shot of Zora's old, stretched chain. It's just over 12 1/8.

So here’s the bike I picture: a good light commuting bike suitable for all kinds of fast and comfortable riding around New York City. Practical is important and fancy is not. The bike must be able to be locked outside without anxiety. I picture good components combined with a nice, inconspicuous used steel frame.

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