Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Some assembly required

I officially decommissioned Zora's old Tour de France (RIP). I took the handlebars off. The grips came off without too much trouble. Luckily they’re very hard plastic, so I could get a strong grip on the with adjustable pliers without causing real damage. The handlebars are standard (Walt brand) with 25.4mm diameter that fits standard handlebar stems.

So Zora's got no fiets (bike) till this one is done. The seat post was too small for the new bike (another $15). But the rack and bags will be good. They will also hide the rear wheel a bit.

I put the wheels on the new bike and measured for brake reach (a veeeeery long 76mm) and fenders clearance (44mm front and 60-some rear). So I placed the orders for brakes ($15 for a pair of Tektro Brake Arch Set, 61-78mm) and fenders (SKS P45 Road Fenders Black) and a mounting kit.

And the tires and kickstand came today. Rivendell messed up the shipping and included a handlebar stem rather than cork hand grips. I really don't need either, but the stem is more expensive than the grips I paid for. Luckily it’s a 22.2mm stem, which is the correct size. So I guess I'll keep it. Like I want to bother with mailing something back. Now Zora gets a choice for positioning. The one they sent is angled up and has a shorter reach then the one I was going to use.

So what I hope are the last shipments are headed my way. All I need to buy is rim tape, a 14mm socket wrench, and a brake arm clip for the rear-hub roller brake. That shouldn't be more than $10-15.
That bring me to...

The total cost: $1,042. No charge for labor, at least.
Frame $108 (not including $40 for the useless frame), Harris $233 (rear hub and shifter), Harris $97 (chain, crankarm set, chainring bolts, bottom bracket, chainring), Harris $214 (rims $100, front hub $50, spokes $70), chainring guard $17, rivendell $155 (tires, kickstand, handlebar stem), locking skewers ($40), Loose Screws $108 (brakes, seat post, misc), Harris $100 (fenders, 6 tubes, and old Raleigh-style handgrips), $10 rimtape.

The wheels still have to be trued and then there's probably a day of assembly. If all goes well.

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