Thursday, March 10, 2005

Technical Specs

I'll be adding technical specs here as I built to bike so I can keep track of them (And if anybody reading this actually cares):

Used Miyata 312 frame w/ Hatta sealed 1" Vesta Nutted Headset. Magna Light front fork w/ magnesium steel tubes, butted reinforced crown, towing safety tabs front fork. Triple butted cro-mo, chrome molyblend tabs, Made in Japan. Bottom bracket is 68 mm, rear bracket is 130 mm, axle adjusters, lugged, w/ Cigino seat clamp. Has cable guides. 54 1/2 cm to Ptube. Bottom bracket to seat crown 54cm, welded Brazons for shifters, 4 cable stops, Weight =6.25 lbs.

Rear Hub ($233): Shimano Nexus 8 Speed SG-8R20 19 Tooth, with Roller Brake (Hand Operated) (HUH18) with SL-8S20 shifter.

Wheels: 26 inch wheel scheme (650B 584mm)
tires: Michelin Magamium

rear rims: 22.3 mm width Rigida Sphynx rear 36 spoke, presta $50
front rim: 22.9 mm width Velocity Synergy front 32 spoke, presta $50
spokes: rear: 263mm, 2.0mm nipples. Front 276mm, 1.8mm nipples.
front hub: HU6504 front hub (shimano ultegra, 32 holes) $48
brakes: BRL39 DiaCompe Tech 77 Levers $28.95 at:
Brake nuts are 10mm. Adjuster nut is 13mm.

Fenders adjusting nuts use 8mm wrench.

Cranks and Chainring:
chain guard: 5 bolt 110mm crank, 48T max chainring.
Nexus 8 gear ratios: 1.615 1.419 1.2263 1:1 0.851 0.948 0.644 0.527
46X19 for 700mm crank is 4.7 or a range of 7.6 to 2.5

Bulletproof 110 BCD 165mm Cranks only $34.95 110 mm, fit standard tapered-square bottom bracket axles, 5 arm.

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