Friday, May 27, 2005

Good news on the spokes

I took the Screamin’ Salmon over to the new bike store and talked to Andres. He’s going to hammer out the dent, hopefully. I expected him to do it in front of me and talk my ear off. But he was very professional about it, somewhat to my disappointment.

But I asked him about my wheels and he told me I can use the same spokes. That’s good. It means I save over $100. But I still have to rebuild four wheels, godverdomme. Ι left the bike there and will go back tomorrow. It’s so nice to have a place that can hammer out a dent in a rim!

It’s only too bad that I’ve spend about $2,000 on bike parts in the past two months and have no plans to spend to spend any more money in the near future. I would have liked to give him that money. I hope he stays in business.

Pleasantly and quickly, my new handlebar stem and handlebar tape arrived today. So I can ride my Bianchi again and all my handlebars are nice and springy. I taped up the Salmon and the Bianchi. And I like the new up-side-down moustache bars position on the Salmon.

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