Tuesday, May 24, 2005

You say living room I say workshop

I don't really need a big living space. But it would be nice to have a workshop (or a guestroom... or an office). But the living room must suffice for all. When I'm in the middle of bike work, it become a mess. And this picture is after the bike has been removed from the center.

But now it's clean. Well at least by my standards, which tends to mean the floor is dusted and the surface areas are covered with clutter.

No matter. Katie's Del-Ray is finished. I biked her (the bike, not Katie) over to the bike store today and got a seat post ($20) and a seat ($25). It wasn't easy to bike on that seatless small bike, but I'm good at riding bikes. And the bike rides well.

Then I made a few hours of adjustments: The kickstand clamp was clamped over the rear shifting cable (oops), the right shifter was too close to the hand, the front derailleur needed adjustment (as it always will), the fenders stays had to be adjusted and tightened, the shifting cable housing between the frame and the rear derailleur had to be replaced (it was too short), I put on Zora's old front light, trued the rear wheel, and popped ferrules on the end of the four cables. She's a fine steed and good to go!

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