Monday, June 20, 2005

Keyed alike

In other news, I just got three Kryptonite locks keyed alike in the mail today. Kryptonite has been having tough times since it was discovered that all their locks could be jimmied open with a round plastic Bic pen. Oops. Since then they’ve been busy replacing ALL their locks ever sold with round keys. Free of charge (go to their website for details).

If you have many locks (between me and Zora, we’ve got six), having them keyed alike is a Godsend. My old locks were mostly keyed alike. None of the replacements were. Kryptonite was so busy replacing all their old locks that keying locks alike isn’t high-up on their list of things do. But last week, about 6 months after I last spoke to them, I got a call from a woman there saying they could finally give me some locks keyed alike. I’ve always enjoyed dealing with the people at Kryptonite and not the least because they’ve got some great Boston accents. We haggled a bit and finally settled on three standard U-locks keyed alike. Today they arrived. No charge. Thanks, Kryptonite.

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