Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Clever Fender

I put a new rear half-fender on my Bianchi. I thought it was pretty clever as there’s no clearence at the breaks to put on a proper fender. I have a half-assed fender there before, one of those that covers the top of the wheel. That is much better than nothing, as it stops water from going up on your back, but it’s not good enough, as it doesn’t stop water from hitting your legs and feet from the rear wheel.

The half-assed fender I had is kind of cleverly hooked-up to the drop-tube though:

I bought the new fender on a whim last time in Amsterdam. It turns out it doesn’t fit anything I have, despite my hopes. But I was able to saw and cut it to fit between the rear breaks and the bottom bracket. It attaches with zip-ties. It works very well. Together, the two half-fenders are as good as one real fender! Rain be damned!

bottom bracket:

top zip-tie:

You can see the very top of the new fender (right by my right ankle) and all of the old fender in the first picture below in the post below this one.

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