Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chocolate Croissant fan club

Wow! She’s beauty. The critic in me says (constructively, of course): 1) the cables housing need an inch or so trimmed--both front and rear for the rear brake, and the rear shifter too; 2) I personally don’t like front racks--I feel it affects the handling negatively; and 3) too bad there’s not a chain guard.

But that’s only the grumpy man in me. First of all: 1) my main bikes don’t have chain guards (shame on me), 2) I’ve heard that front racks are fine as long as things are tied down securely, and 3) it’s not like my cable lengths are perfect (thought they’re pretty tight, if I do say so myself). Overall it looks like a great bike!

Things I like: 1) the name, 2) a kickstand, 3) full fenders, 4) the old-school front brakes and down-tube shifters, and 5) of course, you built a hell of a bike!

I rode Zora’s Bluebird the other day because she’s out of town and I was hoping to get a new kickstand for it (I didn’t). The seat is a little low for me. I might have to put a quick release in there just so it’s easier to adjust the seat and better for me to ride.

Man, the Bluebird is a great bike. I wrote Zora, “Did I mention how nice your bike is? Not just because I built it. But riding it today, I couldn’t help but think, ‘damn, this bike is nice!’ It rides great. I want one.”

Maybe it really is the 650B. I was also thinking what a pain it is that if we go out together, my tube isn’t good for her bike. But then there are other problems with taking off her rear wheel (with shifting and internal brake cables). Or maybe I should just put 650B wheels on my bianchi (now there’s an idea...).

Despite spending all this time thinking about 650B wheels and building a bike with these wheels (and writing this blog), I still find it hard to believe my own hype. Is it really a better bike? Why don’t I just put them on my other bikes? Maybe I should. Part of the reason is that I do really like narrow tires. And whatever tires I put on the Bluebird is as narrow as I could could get for 650Bs. But I like my 23mm-wide tires. But then again, maybe I should practice what I preach and convert my bikes to 650B. Maybe it really is a better bike...

p.s. Zora loves Chocolate Croissants

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