Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Nexus 8—a mighty fine hub

Getting back to the original purpose of this blog. A man asks the following question in a comment below:


I am from across the globe, Singapore. Came across your blog while searching for more information on Nexus 8 hub. Have a Nexus 8 sitting around. So how’s the ride the nexus?
By the way, really cool blog.


“I have a Nexus 8 sitting around”? How do you have a Nexus 8 just “sitting around”!? Use it, for God’s sake, man! Use it!

But seriously, it rides great. Shifting is easy and smooth. And the internal rear break is excellent. There is very little resistance while coasting. Noticeably less than the Nexus four-speed. And I assume less resistance than their 7 speed as well (I don’t have a 7 speed, but 4 and 7 speeds are the same older technology, I think.). The only downside is the price. But seeing how you’ve got one, “just sitting around,” that shouldn’t be an issue.

And there have been no maintenance issues with the hub at all. And the Bluebird bike sits outside, only two-thirds protected from the elements. I have not had to touch the hub since I installed it (I assumed I tightened the new cables at some point, but that’s just a few turns on a barrel adjuster).

The manual for the Nexus 8 is available online through Sheldon Brown.


Jeff said...

Maybe he's asking if you have one sitting around,

poland poh said...

no....i still cannot decide if the nexus should be on a 26" for my inbred or 700c for my pompino.
i am leaning towards 700c cos the pompino is currently using a screw on road hub & i don't quite like the slanted chainline.
well, when you have a wife, a kid
& job & night class(coming soon), biking stuff don't get much priority.

Fotaq said...

I’m not certain what an inbred is. Or a screw-on road hub. Either way you go, make sure the drop outs aren’t vertical. And the drop-outs are wide enough to fit the fat Nexus hub (or be ready to bend… see early in the blog).

Anonymous said...

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jimmy said...

hey poland, did you buy that nexus 8 in singapore and at what price?