Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bag on Back

I took off my rear rack for my ride today. The bike handled great and I just zipped along! City biking and agility go so well together. I guess my final answer (for now) is messenger bag… unless I have so much to carry that I need the pannier bags.

There is some more on this in the comments to the previous post.


nick james said...

Fotaq - you were right about the 59th St. entrance to the bike path. Been using it since.

Fotaq said...

Glad to help. It's the last exit where you can go under the highway and not wait for the light. Just remember to stay left in Columbus Circle. Otherwise cars will run you over as they cross three lanes of traffic to head up Central Park West. And you often find yourself riding head-on downhill into traffic between 10th and West End Ave because there's no room on the right of cars. But I think the long-term plan is to make that one-way west.

Anonymous said...

Eh - wait til it gets hot. Then you'll put the panniers back on. I switched from backpack/messbag to pannier about six months ago and couldn't be happier.