Friday, March 10, 2006

Racing bike/pack horse

The bike supplies arrived today! Always an exciting moment as I pitter-patter down the stairs and then clamber up the stairs carrying my big box.

Included: One seatpost-clamping rear rack ($30). Two clip-on fenders ($45). Two “grocery” packs ($20 each). One rear-view mirror ($18, for the Bluebird, to help get Zora, after the loss of her left eye, get back on her bike).

The rack and bags seem like a great set up. Of course I won’t know from sure until I try it out for a while. And hopefully nobody will steal the rack. I guess I could loop the seat post cable around the rack. But I’m still thinking that I might want to remove the rack every now and then when I’m not using it.

I kept part of my old rear fender setup, to keep the protection for the back of my legs. Here are the rear rack and the rear fender:

And the front fender:

Here’s the bag in the bag:

And the bag in the bag, again!

The bag, for better or for worse, isn’t completely soft. The side facing the back is hard. And there’s a metal frame providing additional support. It collapses. But it doesn’t roll up into something really tidy. But it does fit in my bag. And it also has a carrying strap for solo carrying.

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