Monday, August 21, 2006

Problems with the Hot Karl

There are problems with the shifting in the Hot Karl. I should have bought a Shimano hub. I'm not quite certain what the problems are (beyond slipping), but I have no real desire to figure it out. It's not my bike. But maybe Karl will buy a Shimano Nexus and I'll build him a new trouble-free wheel.


Mark Davis said...

you need to adjust the barrel on the click box. do a little research or bring it to a shop. it's REALLY easy on three speed hubs shouldn't be much harder on your hub

Fotaq said...

You know, that's what I first thought and somehow Karl convinced me it's something more serious. But now that you mention it, I'm sure you're right.

Karl did take it to a bike store and they started telling him tales. Of course it wasn't the good bike store I mention in my posts. And all the other bike stores in Astoria are basically idiots (nice Greek idiots... but not people I would trust a really nice bike with).

My only concern is that even if the hub gets fixed, there's something very dangerous about hubs that slip when the gearing isn't just right. You don't want the damn thing to fail when you need it most. I have a bad childhood memory that involves a 3-speed slipping and me coming down on a crossbar.

That being said, the virtually fullproof shimano nexus still costs $200.