Sunday, September 03, 2006

Blessed be the bike stands

Since I started doing my own bike repairs back around 1996, I've always wanted a bike stand. But I've never had the money or space for a real one. I had been using this little thing that was basically a workhorse. You took off the front wheel and locked in the quick release and rested the bottom brack on the workhorse. Better than nothing. But fragile. And you couldn't really work on the front wheel or bottom bracket.

Then the past years or two I've had the money but nothing close to the space.

But we moved last month. Into bigger and better digs. With basement. I shelled out around $250 and bought me a nice heavy Park bike stand. Never has a simple consumer purchase made me so happy.

It's so much easier to work on a bike on a stand. And it's the first real clamp I've ever had. So not only does it hold bikes, but I can do little things clamp handlebars and saw them. I could never do that before. Oh the potential...

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