Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bike to Train

I got a call from some pollster asking me about my latest Amtrak travel. Sure, I’d love to talk about my train travel. It was horrible designed, by the way. And asked me about 30 slight variations regarding price and time and whether I would chose faster Acela or slower regular train. I can’t believe anybody else would agree to sit answer all those stupid questions. Quantitative Methodology gone haywire. Anyway...

He asked my how I got to Penn Station. I was given about 10 choices.

I said, “I rode my bike.” There was a long pause.

I said, “I bet you don’t get that often.”

He said, “I’ve never gotten that.”

I said, “I bet there’s not even a place to put that on your form.”

He said there wasn’t.

I said, “maybe if there was a place to put that on your form, they would know that somebody bikes and they might think about how to accommodate bike commuters.” But for Amtrak, bikes don’t exist. Even though there is decent outdoor bike locking around Penn Station.

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