Monday, October 23, 2006

I miss biking in Amsterdam

Great photo blog journalism of bikes and one intersection in Amsterdam at


jim nachlin said...

What a contrast with New York. The main thing I see is that these bikes have nothing to do with sport. I see no helmets, all upright handlebars, fenders, racks. Everyone wears his regular clothes. There is no pretense to athleticism.

If this happens here I would be so happy.

Fotaq said...

"Normal" people ride bikes in Amsterdam. No funny clothes is key, I think, to getting more people to bike. And bike lanes. And "normal" city bikes. Not moutain bikes. Not racing bikes. But practical communting bikes built for the city you live in. And it rains a lot in Amsterdam and people still bike. But my brother says it's always better to have two beers in a cafe than bike in the rain.

Of course distances are much greater in NYC. You can bike almost anywhere you want to go in Amsterdam in 20 minutes, tops.

And of course when more people bike it becomes safer for bikes.