Monday, October 16, 2006

Just call me Mr. Astoria Bike

If you Google "Astoria Bike," a link to my blog comes up first. Cool. Since there's no "Mr. Subway," and my friend Tamara already has dibs on "Ms. 30th Avenue," I'll gladly settle for "Mr. Astoria Bike." I can't wait till posters go up with my picture and are defaced with devil horns, blacked-out teeth, and cocks in my mouth!


Matt said...

Hey, just found your site and I'm trying to start a bike blog myself. I just recently started road biking and am now addicted. And broke.

Fotaq said...

Cool. Send me the link when you have it. Biking is fun. And there are faster ways to spend your money.

Matt said...


So far it's probably simple stuff but I'm slowly learning.

If you interested, I also maintain a food blog that's more professional at