Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh, those sexy French ladies' frames

I bought a bike on Ebay. I'm really not sure why. I wasn't even drunk.

Well, I do know why I bought it. I really like French frames. And French Bikes. They're really good sporty practical urban bikes. The problem is that it's a French Bike. ALL the sizes are different. Updating/conversion will not be easy. Maybe the bottom bracket casing can be drilled out to the Italian size for a new bottom bracket. Maybe the handlebars can be replaced with uprights. Maybe the damn thing will sit in my basement forever. She sure is a nice frame.

My old girlfriend had a French bike she loved. Peugeot frame. Light. But it was broken. And I couldn’t fix it because it was French. I convinced her to give it up for a Raleigh 3-speed. It was heavy. And a pain to work on. But I least I could fix it. I don’t think she was ever happy with the trade.

[Update: I didn't do shit to this bike. So a gave it to a French friend who happened to have moved to town and wanted to bike. I told him to buy some new tires and go wild.One night, probably with no lights and no helmet, he got hit by a car on Northern Blvd and 31st St. He was knocked out and almost killed. Luckily, he lived. And except for some major dental surgery, he made a complete recovery. And hell, it ain't like French teeth are all that great to begin with. The bike was never seen again. I forgave him, but he does owe me a bike.]

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