Friday, January 26, 2007

Bike London

I was in London very briefly this week to meet my brother.

London isn’t my favorite city. I’ve always thought I should like it more. I love big cities. And they speak English. And very nicely. But the food sucks. The women are kinda ugly on average. And the weather sucks.

(I flew Air India... sure the plane was a little run down, but the flight was direct and cheap. And the food on Air India was delicious. Maybe not the best Indian food ever. But certainly the best airplane food every! Better, in fact, than anything I ate in London).

Traveling is always a time when one can contemplate their health especially when air travel is part of the deal. Individual health insurance can ease your mind in the air or on your bike.

And it’s so fucking expensive it hurts. My all day transit pass cost over $30 (peak travel time from Heathrow). Cash fair on subway is $7 (though there are cheaper options... but still!)

There was snow when I arrived. Which was actually very beautiful to see given our lack of it here in New York. The papers were telling me how transit was in chaos (the headlines screamed: “One Inch of Snow... AND THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING”), but it didn’t really effect me. Minor delays at worst.

But I was very impressed at how many bikes are going around. And it’s not really a bike friendly city. Lots of bike parking. But bad traffic. Not many bike lanes. And shitty weather. But there were lots of bike. More than in New York. Especially considering it was 32 degrees and wet.

Ah, the edge of the famous congestion zone. Learn, NYC. Learn.

Street parking at more than $3 an hour.

A nice well-used bianchi turned city bike.

There are better ways to make money. Like drug dealing.


Horn said...

sorry to hear you had crap food in our fine city... it isn't on tap like new york, but there are some amazing places. let me know next time and i'll give you a list!

Fotaq said...

Thanks. That's very nice of you. I have no plans of being back there soon, but you never know. I will let you know before I return!

Horn said...

no problem. if it helps you get some nice fodder (and hopefully make you think nice things about london) then i'll be a happy man.

and do let me know.