Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Off to New Orleans

I'm off to New Orleans for a wedding. We got a heads-up about a place to rent bikes. So we should be tooling around in style. I'll be the one wearing a green top hat, if I can find one.

For a little preview on biking in the city, see Dan Baum's excellent New Yorker blog. Click here, then scroll down to "DOMINATION."

The bride-to-be writes: "In my old neighborhood in New Orleans, there were kids who thought it was a great game to try to throw sticks through your spokes when you rode through on a bike. I never heard of them succeeding."

I watched Spike Lee's, "When the Levies Broke" for homework. And if you look at Google Earth, huge chunks of the still looks like complete devastation. Worse than Baltimore. That's my slogan. How does a country allow a city to be destroyed? How does everybody basically manage to forget about it?

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