Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Building a Better Bike Lane

AV has kindly brought my attention to a great article in, of all places, the Wall Street Journal. Building a Better Bike Lane. I've been known to read three newspapers a day (not every day). Online I scan another half dozen. And I just don't get the Journal. But they do occasionally have a good article or two.

There are great pictures here: Where to Buy Dutch-style bikes. My Amsterdam bike is a Batavus Barcelona. What's yours? Sorry, but it's hard not to gloat when you have a sweet bike waiting, very patiently, in Amsterdam. And though there's nothing particularly Dutch about the Barcelona (other than it's made by Batavus), the Barcelona just happens to be the best one-speed bike in the world. Fast. Sporty. Solid.

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Fotaq said...

My brother pointed out that Cheryl AndristPlourde is quoted toward the end of the story. We know her well.