Friday, May 11, 2007

Crash mystery

I never mentioned the unpleasant news that my friend, Damien, to whom I gave a sexy french frame, had a nasty crash a while back. Nasty like waking up in the hospital missing both memory and teeth. The inside of his head was fine (and no, he wasn’t wearing a helmet), but he looked like basically he crashed onto his face, which I guess he did. He was a mess. But he’s doing much better now.

Well he just got a copy of the police report (which wasn’t easy to get) and it says that he ran into the side of a van. That strikes me as strange. It happened on Northern Blvd and 31st St., according to the report. That is also fishy because he now lives on 29th St and was coming from the bridge. Why would anybody go two blocks out of the way to take a worse route home? Nobody bikes on Northern Blvd by choice. Maybe he was, but he doesn't think so. And he has no memory.

According to the police report, which is simply the word of the car driver, at 22:30 the driver was going west/south on Northern Blvd. My friend was going east/north on Northern Blvd. Damien than crossed Northern Blvd to continue north on 31st St. at which point he ran into the side of a van. The van suffered damage around the driver’s door.

Now I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t there. And I’m not saying that Damien, with his carefree French ways, is without blame. But I can’t believe that a moderately rational man would simply bike into the side of a van at top speed.

Sounds like more B.S. about bike crashes. If you have any idea how a bike could damage the left side of car without peddling straight into it, let me know. I don't trust the driver's story. I don't trust cars. I do trust the police officer's report in indicating damage to the side of the van. Everything else is suspect.

And we have no idea what happened to the bike. He misses it. But we’re happy he’s alive.

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