Monday, December 10, 2007

Bike Pgh!

I just got back from Pittsburgh, I city I didn't know at all. Thanks to this blog, I was able to meet some of the fine journalists at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and talk about my upcoming book (don't worry, I'll tell you, too, when it's out in May).

I have this thing for rough-around-the-edges (post) industrial cities. I'm much more excited arriving in, say, Pittsburgh, than I would be in say, San Diego. I guess many would find that strange.

I did not bike in Pittsburgh (there was snow and ice and very steep hills) but I applaud those that do. At first glance, Pittsburgh seems like the city with the least potential to be bike friendly. This is just a matter of topography and weather. But of course there are people trying to change that (not the topography or weather... you know what I mean).

Pittsburgh now has what must be the most beautiful bike map in the world. Like most bike maps, it's also the best map to just get around the city. But the map is really a work of art. I checked to see if it was drawn by Chris Ware. It isn't. But it's beautiful. If anybody has a pdf of the art (useful instructions to the novice cyclist), please let me know. Otherwise, I'll try and scan some of it when I have time.

Pittsburgh also features a stellar standard bike rack: Simple and functional and sleek looking. What else do you want in a bike rack?


plasticarm said...

It's nice to hear such generous words about my work. I'm the person who did the art/design for the map. Yeh... Chris Ware was my main inspiration. I just hoped that bike map would be functional and fun to look at. Great to see people out there like it so much.

Ed said...

You can find a pdf of the map here: