Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bikes for two

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of hosting Laura and Aaron Beese for a few nights. They wrote us through warmshowers.org looking for free lodging. Mostly I was interested in seeing their cool bike. I mean, their bio is a little too earnest and has a too few many mentions of the All Mighty one for the comfort of this typical New York City heathen. But then again, they are for Norman, Oklahoma. If they weren’t a little earnest, I wouldn’t know what to think. And some of my best friends believe in God.

Anyway, they were great. And their bike was indeed way cool. But it was disassembled before I got to ride Zora around Astoria.

This was the end of the first third of their biking trip to see the geographical center of all 50 states. Meanwhile, they’re wintering in Hawaii, picking coffee.

It was great having you two, and hopefully you’ll peddle by New York to see us again sometime!

These are hardly the best pictures (see the link above for better), and my bikes in the background make it hard to figure out. But their bike is already partially disassembled. But basically it's a standard bike in the rear, and a recumbent bike in the front. The front passenger can peddle, but doesn't have to.

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