Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Glad to be me

I was leaving a bar the other night. I unlocked my bike and went back to the entrance to say bye to the owner, who was outside smoking. He looked at me as I started to bike away and said, “Man, it’s cold out. I’m glad I’m not you!”

I didn’t know what to tell him. I like biking? I’m not cold on my bike? Why would it somehow be better to walk home? If only you were me, you’d know how fun biking is?

Whenever I bike, I always think I look so cool. But then I'm reminded that to the rest of the world, even the world smoking and shivering outside bars, people biking by are just weird losers.


Anonymous said...

they don't know what they are missing. i ride my bike to manhattan from astoria year round. winter is my fav time to ride. maybe i am nuts...but it makes my day so much better than i bet theirs is.

PCM said...

Preach on. I really don't get the "how can you bike in the cold?" It's not like things warm up when you're not riding.