Wednesday, December 26, 2007

NYC bike info updates

It may not be life changing, but the monthly email for the city is kind of reassuring. You can sign up here.

I *did* learn that the city is putting up some covered bike racks. I like them simply because they're very conspicuous. But I've never understand why people are so worried about bikes getting wet. They don't melt. I've had a bike parked outside since I found her in Inman Square (on the line between Cambridge and Somerville, Mass) maybe 10 years and fixed her up. She rides just fine.

Expect few updates for the next month as I travel around the world. But I'm sure I'll come back with some pictures and maybe an update about biking in that friggin' perfect city, Portland, Oregon.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your blog. I live in astoria too and I'm from Pittsburgh. I found this while looking up something about the pgh bike map. You're right! It is awesome. Effin cool town for sure. I don't know any other bikers in astoria but I was thinking of starting to go to the Long Island City recycle a bike to volunteer. Do you go there? I fix bikes out of my apartment sometimes. Always looking to meet other bikerockers in the neighborhood. The shops here arent too friendly. Glad to stumble on this. Thanks!

PCM said...

Thanks for writing! Sorry I didn't get back sooner but I've been gone. I'd love to meet and/or bike around and/or have a beer.

For fixing, you're welcome to use my bike tools if you need something. I have pretty much everything you'd need.

Other than that, go to Andres at Bicycle Repair Man Corp on 35th Ave on the other side of Steinway. I write about him on my blog.

Strangely, I know nothing about recycle-a-bike in Long Island City. I've never heard of it. Or at least I don't think I have. Tell me more...

4:05 AM

Juliana said...

their LIC location isn't like a proper shop. But here's the info: