Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bike New Zealand

We weren't in New Zealand for long and it was closed. Early January is not, I repeat not a good time to visit cities in New Zealand. They're closed for the holidays. Spooky tumbleweed quiet.

In Wellington, I got a lead to go to the anarchist book store on the Left Bank off Cuba St (I'm not making that up). They told me to go to some bike squat that may have bikes. I was hoping to fix a few bikes for the use of two bikes. Off we went. The squat was closed for holiday. How can that be?

One bike store open. But didn't rent bikes. We failed. It was made worse by looking in this closed building at what may have been an art installation.

So many bikes and not one to ride.

There are no fenders (aka mudguards) on bikes in New Zealand. And people go barefoot an awfully lot. And though it was summer, it was cold. Best coffee in the world, perhaps. And our standards were high, coming from Portland. And the food was fresh. Weak dollar: bad.

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