Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The death of Sheldon Brown

I was reading P. Lynn Miller's blog and learned of the recent death of Sheldon Brown. He's had a rough year or so.

Sheldon did more for the biking world, especially the web biking world, than anybody. Like many, I learned a lot about bikes and fixing bikes from his website. In terms of specific influences, he was perhaps third only to my parents and Amsterdam. And I never even met the guy. His bike store was too far away in the burbs when I lived in Cambridge, Mass. I emailed him a few time (who hasn't?), I've ordered things from Harris Cycles, but it's the knowledge on his website that will live on. It's comprehensive. If you have a question, any question, odds are you can find an answer. And it's all written with his love for life and bikes.
Rest in peace.

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ZiP said...

rest in peace. a very well-respected man.