Monday, March 31, 2008

Peter Vallone Jr. Sucks

He voted against Congestion Pricing!

He's Astoria's Representative in City Council. In other words, he's my Alderman (I know we don't call them that here, but that's the Chicago in me. "Council member" has no Clout).

Astoria Bike officially supports whoever runs against him. [Note: due to term limits, he won't be running again... but that's not really the point.] This isn't just about congestion pricing, but a big part of it is.

Vallone Jr., despite being born and raised in Astoria, or so he claims, has a long history of working against everything that makes Astoria great. Among other things, Peter Vallone Jr.:

1) Voted against congestion pricing.

2) Tried to shut down Astoria's live poultry businesses (actually, I think that was Peter Vallone Sr., but as long as Junior does nothing good, I'm going to hold Senior's shitty leadership against Junior as well).

3) After the smoking ban was passed, said he didn't know there were Egyptian tobacco-smoking waterpipe cafes on Steinway St. Uh, really?

I don't know what's worse, not supporting the businesses and culture of your district or not knowing about the businesses and culture of your district.

What a loser.


Zora said...

Technically, the thing with Vallone and the smoking ban was more like five days _before_ the vote went down, he said he didn't know about the shisha joints, but that, oh gee, it was obviously too late to petition for any exceptions (those all being reserved for rich people and cigar bars). Either way, he's still an ass.

Now the shisha places stay open probably solely because the NSA wants to continue surveillance.

Anonymous said...

I already expressed my disapproval on his vote against congestion pricing. Just head over to the NYC Council's web site and leave him a note.

I'm disappointed, but not surprised. It's a shame really. I believe he's already hit his term limit though. He could have followed through on the environmental policy he touts on his council page.

-one disappointed astorian

PCM said...

I did just that! Good idea. I hope others do it as well.

He was first elected in 2001. So I guess that means he will not be elected in 2009. That still gives him almost two years to fuck things up.

Gary and Melissa said...

After i read about his congestion pricing vote i googled peter vallone is an asshole and found this shirt.
It works beautifully. This is how it went at the bar the other night by about ten different people. "who is peter vallone" i tell them who he is and what he stands for. and they go "jesus what an asshole."Its good to get the word out in case he runs for another office. I also love wearing it on the ditmars platform across from his office. Go to gothamist and search all the ridiculous laws hes recently tryed to get passed. By the way i like the blog and for future rides i think it may be quicker/more scenic to ride on the other side of the golf course when going to manhattan on the tribourough.

Anonymous said...

Vallone is a bigot. Follow his Facebook rants. Anything having anything to do with Muslims, and he calls them terrorists. What do we want from a guy who got his seat based on his dad's name?

Anonymous said...

I agree that he is a bigot. He threatened all his "friends" on facebook that if they didn't agree with his support of Israel to let him know so that he could delete them. What ever happened to promoting peace? He then continued to call anyone who disagreed anti-semitic! What a loser.