Thursday, March 20, 2008

Top-of-the-line coaster brake hub?

Is there such a thing as a top-of-the-line one-speed coaster brake hub? I'm thinking of (gasp) turning my fixed-gear into a free-wheel one-speed. I want a light and fast one-speed for commuting. Ideally I'd get another bike, but I think maybe I have enough. And though I have loved my fixed-gear, the Screamin' Salmon, since 1999, and though it's great going up hill, every time I go down the Queensboro bridge, I wish I could coast. That's the best part of the ride!

Plus, this would give me an excuse to build a set 650B wheels. Not only are 650Bs cool (if I say that enough, maybe I'll believe it), but they'll allow full fenders and this frame has always been just a little big for me. So an extra 1/2 inch of clearance.

The coaster brake would have two advantages: one, rain, two, I can put on an Egyptian spoke bike bell and avoid the problem of having to fix three hand brake levers. It's such a shame I now have this great bell on a bike I rarely take into Manhattan. Crossing 3rd, Lex, Madison, and Park... that's where I want to ring!


Anonymous said...

Fenders! Egyptian bell! (wish I had one)

Coasting down the 59th St. Bridge? Heresy? Only for the narrow-minded lot.

Post-morning-toast, I like my coast.

Find a good coaster brake hub and savor the exhaust laden ride downhill. Highlight of my daily ride over the bridge... (apart from the exhaust, cough cough)

-just another astoria biker

Roman Holiday said...

Check this out:

PCM said...

Add front brakes (and fenders) to that baby, and that's exactly what I want!

I didn't know Shimano made a coaster brake. I'll work with my new old Bendix, but if it doesn't work out, that will be Plan B.


Anonymous said...

The Shimano hub sucks. Get something serious, like:
Its a little bit difficult to obtain but beats the Shimano anytime.

Adam said...

The velosteel hub weighs 50% more than the Shimano type B hub, and it has a spongier brake feel. I'd go for Shimano any day.