Sunday, April 20, 2008

Amsterdam (2)

I'm in Amsterdam, trying to remember to take some pictures. There are so many sights that seem unremarkable to people who live here. But I've been gone for a while so things like this stand out. These pictures are from parts of town you won't see on postcards.

Here's an average Dutch street with an average Dutch bike path. Nice.

When they do construction (and they always do construction here, and it can take years), they set up a "temporary" bike lane. Note that it's still physically separated from car traffic. That's my brother, posing. I have to apologize for his stupid mountain bike. There's nowhere in the world a mountain bike is less appropriate than in the streets of Amsterdam. But it's not his bike. Really. He just wanted to test ride what he thought was a "nice bike." I mocked him.

A typical line of bike racks.
And finally, one of the many pedicabs you see here (or at least in the center). It's not clear if this will become a normal mode of transit for some of just a tourist gimmick. My brother claims they're pricing themselves out of the "normal" market.
They're kind of complicated machines. I haven't figured all the parts out yet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do you mean you don't consider our wonderful new 35th St. lined bike guideline a real bike lane?

Oh, wait, neither do I.

Go figure.

-Bewildered Astorian wondering why they don't just do away with some car lanes and put in separated bike lanes.