Thursday, April 10, 2008


My kickass Bendix kickback hub finally arrived today. My God it's heavy. Almost 4 lbs. This was build back when A-myrrh-ica still build steel. It's so heavy, I'm having second thoughts about using it for a bike I want to be fast and nible. But I am going to use it and convert my fixed gear into a 2-speed

I got my (no longer) bianchi back from the bike store. The one with the cracked frame. Now it's got a new (used) steel frame. New headset. New (used) brake levers. New carbon fork. It's not as pretty as my old celeste frame. But it seems to ride just fine. $380 all together. But what can you do? I guess not buy a carbon fork. But I had a carbon fork and I don't want a worse bike. Carbon forks really do turn small bumps into butter.


Scott said...

Any follow up on this? Did it work?

PCM said...

Well, no and yes.

Click on the bendix hub label to see the story, more or less.

The Bendix hub is too heavy for a light bike. But on my locked-outside tank of a bike, it's outstanding. The two speeds are perfect for what was a one-speed bike. It's almost a year later and I've never been happier with that bike.

On the lighter bike, the Screamin' Salmon formerly fixed-gear, I put a $20 one-speed coaster brake hub on her rear wheel and she's still pretty sleek and light and fast.