Monday, April 07, 2008


The Times reports: congestion pricing is dead.

I hate Sheldon Silver even more than Peter Vallone Jr.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be writing/calling yet again.

This time I expect them to answer some questions.

Congestion Pricing was an attempt at an solution to many problems a growing city faces. I feel that its aggressive timeline was one of the greatest merits it had in preparing this city for future growth. While the concept divided many, the goals of reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality and raising funds for mass transit don't seem to face any opposition. So...

1. What will you do to address the issue of air quality and traffic congestion citywide that can be accomplished in as rapid a time frame as Congestion Pricing attempted?

2. What will you do to increase mass transit service to better serve all areas of the city and its surroundings?

Sometimes the medicine doesn't go down easy.

-an Astorian who'll vote and donate to politicians who support an aggressive solution to these problems.