Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Straight out of L.A.

I'm back in Astoria, glory to God. What grade would I give LA? A gentleman's C at best.

Some nice bike racks, though.
I also enjoyed the mural on the Farmer John meat processing plant. Not only is it many stories tall, but it goes all the way around this very large building.

Such happy pigs! Makes me want to eat more bacon.

While taking pictures, we got kicked out of their parking lot by a security man on a nifty tricycle.


Roman Holiday said...

I biked thru LA in 2006, and was not really impressed with the city. May be I missed the good parts or may be New Yorkers just love NYC too much to like other cities. As a side note, when Lou Reed & the VU went out to LA in 1960s to performed, Lou hated it.

PCM said...

I always wondered what you, me, and Lou Reed had in common...