Saturday, June 21, 2008

16 injured by runaway vehicles in Chinatown, Garment District and Harlem

And not one of those vehicles was a bicycle.

Here's the Post's account. And the Daily News. I didn't just do this just to prove my point about the comparative harmlessness of bikes. You gotta believe me!

Why do we let cars do this? I wonder what's going to happen to that car menace now that it's proven that they're dangerous? Nothing, of course.

Why are people more upset about the danger of bikes running red lights?

Oh, and the most typical part: two of the three drivers weren't charged. Apparently, running people over on the sidewalk is only a crime if you do it on a bike.

FYI: Approx 150 pedestrians die each year in NYC. One every other day from cars and trucks. Maybe one a year from bike.

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Here's an article that got my blood boiling: