Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Could change actually be good?

Of course not. But with my ear to the ground, I do hear some footsteps of improvements. This plan for (Manhattan's) Broadway (all of 7 blocks).

And a few car-free "Summer Streets."

And unrelated, I bought a bicycle drink holder for my friend who likes walking down (Astoria's) Broadway with a gin and tonic in her hand (her open-container secret? carry real glass, then nobody stops you!)

But I was thinking how cool I could be biking with a drink holder. That and a Radio Shack transistor radio dangling from my neck broadcasting the Mets game (that part I actually did once, biking late to Shea). But to complete the makeover, I'm going to need some really thick stage glasses, white tube socks to go with my sweat pants, and some funky-ass B.O.! It's going to rock.

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