Saturday, June 14, 2008

Operation Barrier in Effect

The NYPD has implemented an innovative, some would even say brilliant, approach to keep motorized traffic from driving in bike lanes. It's called Operation Barrier. And since the NYPD's trial run on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, reported incidences of cars illegal driving in the bike lane have dropped to zero. Outstanding! Keep up the good work, officers. I look forward to such continued successes in the future.
I got this picture from Streetsblog.


panda said...

this also looks like 35th street and Astoria Blvd police station. cars just in the lane. in the street! on the bridge, on the sidewalk. top gear.
though i'm still happy to have 35th street and 36th street lanes.. though the streets are not really wide enough for them anyways.

PCM said...

I'll be the first to say that cops need a place to park. Both for their work car and for their personal car. So let's give them a legal cop-only place to park. It would just be justifying what they do now anyway. That's fine. But let's make this cop-only parking not the bike lane.

Michael said...

I just love the tag "cars and why I hate them"

I encountered a few cars in bike lanes the other night - and they were actually really nice when I stopped to explain how you're supposed to doublepark in the street when there is a bike lane. But I guess we don't have to wonder why the cops here don't do anything about it.