Friday, August 15, 2008

Bike parking in... Portland

Oh, Portland, Oregon, Damn you! I'm sick of reading how cool Portland is. If you love Portland so much, why don't you move there? Besides, I'm quite fond of Portland, Maine, thank you very much.

And I like hot summers and cold winters. And I don't want to live in place filled with smug white people.

But oh, Portland! You do have good food and coffee. Plus old movie theaters and you're bike friendly. And there is lots of beer and weed.

Streetsblog has a video
about the latest pro-bike thing they've done.

Sure, the New Yorker in my is a little put off that Greg Raisman, employed by the Portland Office of Transportation, is a chubby nerd with a beard and "Bike to the Future" T-shirt (you know, like Back to the Future but... with Bike).

But, but... part of me loves that this city transportation man is a bike-loving nerd. Besides, it's not like my body is nerd or fat free.

The really clever part is that rather than talk about how many parking spaces for cars they removed, he talks about many more parking spaces there are for "vehicles." That's good!

Oh, Portland... tell me the story of corrals and oases.

Oh, Portland. I don't want to like you, but I do.

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