Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Car free street coming this Saturday to boro near you!

This Saturday! One night only! You, on the bike! Actually, it's not one night. It's three days. I just like saying anything from the Blues Brothers. Like in case you're wondering how often the N train rumbles by my house... duh!!!: So often you won't even notice.

Bet you didn't know that John Belushi is buried just 50 feet from my father and grandfather. Or at least there's a tombstone for him--there are rumors he's actually buried in Martha's Vineyard, but who can say for sure? There's a little picture of him and his epitaph is, "He gave the world laughter." I like that.

Anyway, let's get back to: You, on the bike! This is amazing. Really. A big long street being made car free. In New York. For three Saturday mornings. 7am to 1pm.

Make it a smashing success and going there and having a good time. If it's a success, it'll keep happening. Again and again, till we can all bike arm-in-arm up and down Manhattan Island every goddamn day.

Here's the link to the general event.

Also, there's a "feeder ride" coming from Astoria Park. Thanks to my buddy at Queens Transportation Alternatives for letting me know. Imagine my disappointment when I found out it's early and they don't feed you.

This is great... if you're an early-rising freak. No I mean it's great if you want to bike but are afraid of New York traffic. Or just don't know how to get to Manhattan on a bike. Or you just happen to be riding a bike at 9am and want to join the crowd.

August 9, 9am.
Astoria Park Bike Ride to Summer Streets.
Meet at the WWI Memorial.
www.transalt.org/summerstreets 646-873-6026.
To RSVP for the ride send an e-mail to summerstreets@transalt.org with your info and mention Astoria.

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