Saturday, September 13, 2008

Park(ing) Day NYC 2008

I love the idea of squatting parking spaces. Technically, it's not really a squat, because you're paying legal rent. But it's a great idea. Take a parking space, make a park, have a party!

Why should inanimate objects get to take precious NYC real estate for the benefit of nobody?

Here's the link to Park(ing) Day NYC 2008.

I can't help but notice that nothing is happening in Astoria. Hopefully somebody reading this will take up the cause. And a great cause it is.


TJ Eckleburg said...

Hey, nice to see a bike Blog from Queens, BSNYC is cool but he's in the ultra hip Brooklyn.

Any I live in Flushing and noticed the same thing, nothing happens near me.

The thing is we in Queens are really not very active in the community as Manhattoes or Brooklynites, I'm not sure why, but I think it has to do with the large amount of working families here. I assume that a family with 2 working parents and 2-3 young children probably don't have much time to rally, protest, blog, petition, write to reps or anything like that, I know I don't. Even though I ride all the time and always see the need for safer streets.

Unless the young hip kids in LIC or Astoria can make a difference, I dont know what else to do.


shishi said...

Transporation Alternatives has a very active Queens Committee, check them out.

PCM said...

There does seem to be a strange correlation between hipsterdom and cycling advocacy. And that's even though most advocates aren't particularly hip.

There's also probably a correlation between bike lanes and double-wide strollers that cost more than my bike. If one does come with the other, maybe we should count our blessings.

It may be because in a yuppie or hipster neighborhood (that covers most of Brooklyn I go to), the quiet masses support the green causes.

Seems like everybody on my block has a car or wants one. They're not hipsters. They're not yuppies (I don't think there's a single homeowner who could actually afford to buy the home they live in today). I would guess that most people in Astoria and Queens don't support bikes or any policy the is perceived as anti-car.

PCM said...

I LOVE the idea of taking over parking spaces. I hate car parking almost more than I hate cars. But I'm just not the kind of guy willing to haul my ass out of bed at 8am to squat a parking space (or almost anything, for that matter).

I just hope somebody else does! And if they do because they read about it here.... well, then my job is done and my dreams will be sweet. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Selena Lyon said...

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