Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Disco Queens bike

Nobody ever said Astoria Bike was out there breaking the latest news.

Six weeks behind the times I give you this:

See the Gothamist's first and second store for the whole old story.

And the source: Made in Queens.

So cool. Check out the trailer for the documentary. These are cool bikes and I love Indians with Caribbean accents, but, er, I'm glad they don't go blaring through my neighborhood. Actually, I might love it if they came through here about once a month.


Jim Greer said...

Wow that thing is f**king epic! We have smaller versions in Sf but it's usually just one measly amp.

Jim Greer said...

Ah but it looks like that guy has to plug in wherever he goes? I don't see a generator. The SF guys are true mobile DJs

PCM said...

I think it's all battery power. Otherwise it would just be a bike carrying heavy stuff. And not party bikes.