Sunday, October 19, 2008

Queensboro Bridge

I biked all the city in the past few days. The bike lane down Broadway (bring your bell), to the Gowanus Canal, and over the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges. And more painted bike lines are coming. If you squint really hard, you can begin to see the start of a real bike network in places. Astoria still has a ways to go. On the other hand.

I also went over the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges for the first time in a while. The Manhattan Bridge has always been good biking. The Williamsburg, I noticed, never levels off. It's up, and then down. I'd say the Queensboro is almost as nice as the Manhattan Bridge, but the Queensboro is too loud, with all that traffic right there. Also, I get so frustrated at the bad design on each end of the bridge.

And that they spend money putting up a useless and ugly fence.

On the Manhattan side, where there was a perfectly good original-era wall (seen in background, they plopped down Jersey Barriers, making a narrow path narrower, and put up a chain link fence. Now it's worse and uglier.

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