Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Self Service Bike Rental

I was on Peaks Island, Maine. Year-round population: 1,000. It's part of the city of Portland and a short and pleasant ferry ride past hundreds of lobster traps.

There's not actually much to do there, but the island is too big to walk around quickly. But as we we started heading off to nowhere in particular.

Oh, what joy when we stumbled upon the self-service bike rental sign. It's the type of thing, had I found it in foreign lands, I would have said, "you'd never find this in America!" I filled out a form, put $10 in a box (for two bikes for one hour), picked a nice bike, and biked off. It was fabulous.

We circled the island, dipped our feet in the water, biked barefoot a bit, and my wife rescued a cute little snake from the middle of the road. She's very brave.

Thank you, Peaks Island self service bike rental.

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