Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The New NYC Bike Rack

It's official. And it's a nice looking bike rack. Simple. Effective. As long as the whole thing remains firmly rooted in the ground.

And here's a pdf glossy promo.

And it is probably the best of the finalists.

But I still don't see why it's better than a parking meter. Or why they don't simply attach the circle to street light posts like they do in Sydney. Ideally every street light post.

For all the hype, the most important thing is that there is a place to lock your bike on every block. 5,000 bike racks in the next three years isn't enough. Especially if it's combined with the removal of more than 5,000 parking meters.


More on the Dutch cargo bike in Chicago.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who needs a car?!

Full, for the record, this keg was delivered in a car. Acropolis car service, to be exact. I met the guy at the beer place and gave him my address and told him I would meet him there.

He was a nice older Greek driver who said, "Bike, the best! I drive. You use legs! Good. " As he drove up along aside me on Newtown Road he rolled down the passenger side window and shouted in Greek, "Grab on, I'll take you!" I declined. And of course I beat him home. I gave him $11 on a $7 delivery. Full kegs are just as heavy as I remember them to be, from when I was a bartender. No, we weren't really pouring beer from my bike, though that would be cool. I emptied the keg of the bottom-of-the-barrel skunk beer before putting it on my bike.

Taking the empty keg back on my back was much easier than I thought, in part thanks to my friend's perfectly sized heavy-duty bungee cord. The deposit for keg and pump, FYI, is $140 cash.

Car free for a month

Car free for a whole month?! Wow. I guess that's good... but one month? Except for that one year in Baltimore (and even there I was car free for the first 6 months), I've been car free since 1989 and you don't hear me shouting about it... oh, wait, never mind. Still, car free? That's why we live in New York!

What is more interesting about the story from suburban Chicago is the promo for the Dutch Bakfiets.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to carry a keg of beer on my bike back to the keg man. Granted, it will be empty. But it will still be filed under "great bike carries."

Monday, November 10, 2008

More on bike sharing

From the New York Times:

In increasingly green-conscious Europe, there are said to be only two kinds of mayors: those who have a bicycle-sharing program and those who want one.

Over the last several years, the programs have sprung up and taken off in dozens of cities, on a scale no one had thought possible and in places where bicycling had never been popular.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Ride ethically

Randy Cohen, the Ethicist, is our friend. Trust me on this one.

In Sunday's New York Times he writes:
From my narrow, crackpot’s point of view (my favorite), the real harm here is not to you but to the many tens of thousands of New York City cyclists. This fellow promulgates the canard of the pedestrian-threatening bicycle. Average number of pedestrian deaths attributable to cyclists each year here? About one. (There were 11 between 1996 and 2005.) Yet in 2006 alone, cars killed 156 pedestrians (and 17 bicyclists) in New York City and injured more than 10,000 pedestrians (and more than 2,800 bicyclists) badly enough to be hospitalized.

The question? Oh whatever, I forget.